My First Gold Coin – Sorta/Kinda


This gold coin came up out of the ground and put my butt right on the ground.  After an awesome morning dirt fishing with a buddy of mine on one of his permissions, I was on my way home when I decided to go by a brand new farm permission I received recently and poke around for an hour. In between a couple trees, I pulled up this coin. As I brushed some of the dirt off of it, it was gleaming in the sun something fierce. OMG, did I just find my first gold coin? That is all my mind was wondering. Then an image of an eagle became clear my heart raced but I didnt know what the heck I had. I grabbed my magnifying glass and could just barely make out “matrimon” so I entered into google on my cell phone. “Recuerdo Matrimonial” came up and I quickly learned what I had found was a Mexican Matrimonial Token. Here is what the article says…

“A Catholic wedding tradition requires that the groom gives the bride a container of 13 coins known as an arras. Wealthy grooms can give gold coins as arras. Next would be silver, then copper coins. Others would use gold-plated or silver-plated tokens (not coins, but they look like coins). Most of these come from Mexico, but there are similar tokens from other countries. These tokens often have the words ‘Recuerdo Matrimonial’ which translates as ‘Wedding Souvenir’ or ‘Marriage Memory’. Other tokens, specifically ‘Maximilano’ gold tokens made to look like old-fashioned coins, could be used as arras…”

Ok, ok, but is this a gold token? I dont have a test kit so I decided to take it home and clean it up a bit more. As I cleaned it, little parts of silver started shining thru so I think what I have here is a gold plated one. Gold coin, well yes … sort of …. real gold coin? No. Still an exciting find though.

I wonder if there are 12 more over there somewhere?


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